1st Day of Carrot Plant


I’m excited for a few reasons today! This is a pic of the first day of my carrot plant.  I recently read from aristonorganic ‘s page that the carrot plant will turn into a “white flower”. Though it will not develop carrots again it’s supposed to become a pretty kitchen plant. I will see what happens haha! Planning on doing the same thing with my avocado seed. If you missed my article on aristonorganic’s “Scrap Plants” DIY check it out here

2nd I found someone to help me work on my muffins & mocha banner.  This person has volunteered their services and is helping me design something great. She knows who she is…THANK YOU SO MUCH. Once banner has been finished I will be doing a post about her, her services, and my recommendation!

3rd I’ve ALMOST reached 100 friendso n here! I remember waiting and waiting for that 1st person to follow me.  To have many followers now is a true honour.  I will post once I reach that number ! ❤ And to all those who have just started your blog, the followers WILL come, If you put time, effort, and your heart into your reading people will respect & follow that! 🙂


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