I’ve Reached 100 Followers!

I’ve reached 100 followers as of a few moments ago 🙂 Thank you to theimaginationmuscle for being my 100th follower! My blog was started in November 0f 2012 with an average view being 11 people per day. Today, as of February 2013 my average view is 50 per day. Thank you to my first follower LostCompanion for finding my blog worth following and for each and every one of my followers in between these two people that I just named.  I consider myself a friend, inspirator, and sharer of amazing ideas. I do not create nor will I ever sit here and pretend I know how too. I love passing things on, learning to cook, and helping others save money.  Looking forward to continuing on with my blog and meeting many many more unbelievably fantastic people. ❤

thank you


2 thoughts on “I’ve Reached 100 Followers!

  1. Hey Melissa! Thanks for the comment made me smile haha! 🙂 Appreciate it! And I promise you that you will. It takes a lot of time and really just depends on how much you post. On weeks I post I get more followers, then on weeks im slower I tend to get little to none. Also, certain topics seem to be more popular than others. I just have to remind myself that I write first for me. I love giving people topics/things they enjoy but at the same time the entire reason I blog is because I enjoy it, it’s a stress reliever, and it gives me a moment in time to vent how I really feel. If you put yourself into your blog people will see that ❤ I'm happy to be your follower!

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