I received the Inspirational Blog Award not too long ago. I’ve been thinking about who to give it to as it wanted a list of 15 people. In between medical issues and a lack of time I honestly have not had the ability to go through and make another list of 15. I’m sorry for that! However, I’m a believer that there is a reason for everything.

I learned tonight from yahoo news that  two cyclists named Peter Root and Mary Thompson were traveling around the world together. They had visited Eurpope, Asia, Middle Asia, and China on a trip that they spent 6 years constructing.  They had no set return date, loved making friends, and most importantly (in my opinion) blogged about their incredible journey.

Jerry Root

picture from the yahoo news article linked below

Their blog can be found here:

Very unfortunately, this couple was struck and killed in Thialand on February 13, 2013 while cycling  by a truck driver who was reaching for a cap on the floor of of his vehicle.

The article can be found here:

Yahoo News Article

Therefore, Peter and Mary, this Inspirational Blog Award belongs to you both. It’s not because of your death that I give this to you but because of your amazing life that you were not afraid to go out and live. ❤

very inspiring blog award 2


Note: Though their page is still up I am not able to access the articles. This may be because the family wants privacy right now.


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