February Blog Challenge Catch Up 11-22

Wow I am so behind with this! sorry guys! 🙂 This has been a busy month but im trying to catch back up with things. ok here we go…

blog challenge


11th My Death Row Meal Would Be: (nothing like a depressing question to start this off ha!) BREAKFAST. A Southwestern Omelate, some pancakes, and grits!

12th My Favorite Baking Recipe Is: I’m still in search of an amazing BAKING recipe that turns out 🙂 any suggestions?

13th Whats in my makeup bag: One of my favorite brands is MAC. That is back when I could afford it! I’ve been loyal to Cover Girl for a very long time though.  I use their concealer, powder, blush, and mascara. Their eyeliner also goes on nicely as well too.

14th Photo of a heart: (sorry just had to find one and post on here)

heart 2

15th Movie that made me cry: Road to Rodanthe, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook


16th Favorite Music Genre: COUNTRY

17th Original Photo of City I live in: (once again sorry it’s not an original lol) There is nothing pretty in Chesapeake, VA so your not missing a damn thing I promise. I want to scream at these drivers to NOT take the right exit lol.


18th Dream Bedroom : I think this one is really pretty and relaxing looking!


19th Favourite Childhood Book:


20th I Payed It Forward Today By:

A womans blood sugar level was dropping in the Walmart line and she was shaking all over. I gave her  one of my peppermint sticks to help which she immediately ate.  Even though I did not have much to offer, it felt good to help!

Favourite 5 Blogs:

Not possible to list sorry !!! Can we put umm 2 zeros behind that 5 and then give me like 24 free hours to type all of them out 🙂

keep calm




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