Liebster Award, Printable, and Craft!

Liebster Award

Today I received the Liebster Award from mouthwateringmorsel aka Melissa. Thank You! I love reading her blog because I feel as if I really know her by the pictures, food, and posts on her page. ❤ I have not yet received this award yet and it continues to be an honour to have a follower appreciate the things I write about. I will do a post involving the questions that come with this etc tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you again.

So, that being a very nice start to the day..the day did go a bit downhill. You know something that frustrates me about is the reliability of the people on there. Here is my thing, if you post something in the FREE section you have the choice to say “i’m not holding for anyone, first come first served”. However, when I schedule a time to pick up an item from you, allot time to do this, and give you a ring before I head over (with no answer) this is VERY frustrating and disappointing.  I was supposed to pick up a FREE shelf today and had planned to go after work. Called person who would not pick up so I ended up having to drive home to email them. Like an hour later they email me and tell me that a woman who had emailed them “first” ended up showing up and that they were sorry shelf was gone. Really? 😦 Super bummed

I ended up going to Cracker Barrel with my husband though and getting scrambled eggs w/cheese and 3 pecan pancakes with syrup and turkey sausage. OH. MY. GOD. If you have never gone to cracker barrel like …go now!!! Still to this day the most amazing breakfast.  It holds fold memories though because we would always stop at cracker barrels when traveling when I was younger. Thankful that it’s something that is still around. I was kind of put off when checking out though. My husband was refusing to let me pay the bill so I called him a “pain in the ass”. God forbid I say the word ass in a restaurant. The girl at the register got all embarrassed and was like this is a family restaurant and said we say things like that through text not out loud. Umm excuse me? I told her and I kid you not that it’s good I was not in there much because I would be getting thrown out. I hate how people your age feel they have the authority to correct you!

Ok so I know I’ve done a lot of printables lately but yeah here is just one more ha.. Loved it because it’s so colorful and festive looking. It’s something that is important for everyone to remember “Live a Colorful Life” :

Live a Colorful Life

And can be downloaded from EverythingEtsy for free here 

Another really cute project I did this week was of this craft below. I will upload the pic of our “exact” craft next week but this is the one that was on that I followed. It could not have been easier. Seriously, get a sheet of paper and draw out the face like below (could use a googly eye for more personality) and the body.  Then, go outside with your child and collect some leaves! Glue these down to cover up the “body”. I just used plain white Elmer’s glue and it worked fine! Leaves outside where I am are nice and dark and dead looking haha so this is perfect. Also, I cut the entire thing out. Then got blue sheet of construction paper. I cut a small strip of green construction paper and glued it to the bottom of the blue sheet to make “grass”. Then I glued the hedgehog on top of the grass. I also cut out a yellow sun to put in the corner. Super Cute!! His mom about died when she say it ❤ Ok so two reasons im telling you step by step. One, The DIY website Krokotak is in a foreign language lol and two I wanted to explain how I did the scenery. If you would like to see the step by step pics go to Krokotak . Again, it is NOT in English. However, this is so super easy you really don’t need many instructions 🙂


Alright well this is my post for the day! Hope you enjoy. Thank you to my followers who continue to support me and keep my moral up. Love you guys. ❤


4 thoughts on “Liebster Award, Printable, and Craft!

  1. yay!! I feel I know you too!! 🙂 🙂

    and uhh wtf (sorry) but um … that lady should go out there and correct everyone else in the world. hello … telly uses the word ass all the time! little kids are WATCHING that …

    and that hedgehog is so cute!

  2. A very big congratz to you on the award, M&M! I love your blog for these reasons: your honest (and you tell it like it is without “dressing things up” for fear of losing followers, etc.), you constantly shine the spotlight on fellow bloggers, you’re a foodie and you’re not afraid to tell on yourself when you “stress eat”- (I do it all the time), and, you offer useful ideas on crafts and things that I’m clueless about, and I appreciate that. 🙂

    Moving on to the do-gooding Cracker Barrel worker who is obviously stuck in Mayberry. You might want to inform her, in the near future, that she works for a company that promotes movies like: “True Grit” starring John Wayne. Not only do they promote it, they sell it right there in the gift shop. Here’s the link:

    While the movie is a classic, it’s also extremely violent, contains MUCH cussing (far worse than the word “ass”), and is chocked full of chain smoking and whiskey chugging. Furthermore, you can share with her that the word “ass” is in the Bible, along with damn, hell, pisseth, whore, and other “politically incorrect” words.

    🙂 <<<

    I would have put her in her place without question.

    Congratz again on the award, and good on you for still promoting Cracker Barrel after being called out wrongfully by an employee. [applauds]

  3. thanks girl for that amazing review! I’m so glad that you understand where I am coming from and why i write. I don’t want to offend people but at the same time, I really feel like this is “my space” no pun intended haha and that I should be able to write about anything and everything. I want my followers to hear me say “I was wrong” sometimes along with “I just ate an entire box of lucky charms in one sitting” etc because showing the negatives with the positives is reality for me. I also learn a lot from mistakes and feel that if I share about them other people will feel less alone with dealing with similar issues. And do I wish I had you with me in Cracker Barrel hahahahah LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your response. ❤ I cannot wait to use it if it happens again. She actually called after me to "wait till I get off the premises" as I walked away. It was like she was trying to be friendly with saying things like that to me yet they were pretty offensive. I def didnt say sorry to her for my language and I did use the word "ass" twice 🙂 ah guess im going to hell damn hahah. Dunno if you know that song by Miranda Lambert that says I know Jesus and He drank wine, and I know He would understand a heart like mine. That is so my song!!!

  4. I think I heard that song before (Ironically, in the Goodwill..heheh..) and I couldn’t agree more. And hey, Jesus’ Dad created marijuana so people can deal with the stress of people who slag on them for having a glass of wine…haha.. And did she really follow you outside?! Good grief. (Shakes head) I remember getting on a ride once at an amusement park, and the ride attendant thought it was her job to make a verbal judgement call, audibly, behind my back. I boarded the “Viking”, a large vessel that swung like a pendulum, back and forth, and proceeded to flip her off the entire ride. I kept my finger discreetly on the side of my face so that she was the only one who could see it- but she got the message. She couldn’t help herself from staring almost constantly at my finger (like a bee with honey). I got off the ride and smiled at her “ever so sweetly” and walked away. About 20 steps later, security was tapping on my shoulder. I laughed a hearty, robust laugh- told him to “get serious”, and kept on walking. They left me alone. (I could tell you many, MANY, more stories like that, but I’ll spare you..heheh..) xo

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