You Don’t Belong In Walmart

Ok, before all those who work in Walmart become very offended, please know I am extremely appreciative of Walmart. They are the cheapest place I know of to buy food. However, when it comes to customer service, I’ve always found it to be lacking.  I was extremely surprised that the “Greeter” today in fact SMILED & GREETED me! Our cashier was extremely unusual though. There was a lady in front of us who was older, shaking, and appeared to be having huge difficulty typing in her password in the debit card machine.  Instead of becoming frustrated (like I am ashamed to admit I was because I did not realize anything was wrong), this cashier got a magazine, went behind the lady and started to fan her while assisting her with putting in her information. She was talking very sweetly to her.   As soon as she got all of her bags in the buggy the cashier told her to go sit right down on the bench in front of the register.   The woman hobbled over there with her buggy but two people had already taken up the benches.  She was clearly about to vibrate out of her skin. Instead of looking the other way and continuing on with the line the cashier watched this lady and noticed she had nowhere to sit. She then yelled across to the hair salon and asked one of the women to remove someone who was sitting in the bench next to their store so that the lady could sit down. I found out she had diabetes and most likely her blood sugar was dropping.  Quickly, I offered up one of my peppermint sticks which she popped immediately into her mouth.  The cashier told me that  she was sorry for the delay but that her heart just went out to people, that she had recently lost a grandparent, and she just wanted to make sure that woman was ok.

I’m sorry but this blows me away that someone would care this much at Walmart. I felt she belonged in a hospital helping critical need patients. NOT making minimum wage amongst many who don’t even make eye contact with their customers.

Who ever you were, thank you for what you did. You reminded me today that sometimes it’s important to be PATIENT. When we are always in a rush we overlook those who need help.


One thought on “You Don’t Belong In Walmart

  1. When I meet a person who is lacking in customer service skills on the job, I often report them. On that note, when I meet somebody who goes above and beyond their job description and helps people, I report them too. 🙂 I’ve alerted many store managers about their top reps, and have waited on hold (on the phone) for minutes on end just to tip off an excellent rep to their supervisor. I’m glad to know there are good workers out there in your Walmart! I can’t say the same for our Southern Indiana Walmart where theft and drug abuse is rampant. I was in line the other day, and when I got up to the register, the first thing the cashier said to me was, “Teenagers. Ya just don’t know what to do with ’em.” My reply was something like,


    [insert very weird look here]


    She looked a little strung out to me. I had no idea what she was rambling on about but it was pretty tacky. (Oh the stories I could tell about bad customer service reps, cashiers, etc. in businesses in Southern Indiana.)

    It’s a good thing that you gave her candy to jack up her blood sugar level- good call! Just another reason why you’re awesome. You really give a damn- I love that.

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