Ok, so this is one of those posts to remind you that I am a real person. And by real I mean that contrary to popular belief, I am definitely not positive and happy-go-lucky all the time. Let me just start with this line:


Yes, you read that correctly.

horse shit

I wake up this morning to find out my husband is full-blown sick. If anyone doesn’t remember or know, I’ve been extremely ill for the last 2 months and JUST now am starting to feel better.  Proceeding into the living room I check my Wellsfargo account expecting to see my whopping $200 in there (and no im not being sarcastic…to me that’s whopping!)…ONLY TO SEE THE BALANCE READ $17. FUCK. What happened!?!?!


I realize that though I moved the date my car payment should be coming out, the company of course did not adhere to the new date and decided to take it out as scheduled. Therefore, about $180 just vanished into thin air. Had I NOT had that $17 extra in there my account would have bounced about 10 things. So for that I am thankful. As for everything else involving that whole situation, not so much.

As if this day could not get shittier.  I have studied and feel confident about my World Literature test I am going to be taking.  I’ve studied and read stories for about 3 weeks.  I sighn on, open test, begin to take it, FINISH QUESTION ONE AND THE COMPUTER FREEZES.. Well, it doesn’t unfreeze. Panicked I am trying to do everything I can to get it to stop doing what its doing which results in the page my test is on being closed down.


After trying to log back in it says my test has already been graded. REALLY?!!! I did ONE question. FUCK.  So I sit on the couch and start crying because I don’t know what else to do at this point. I did email teacher but im sure he has more important things to do on a Saturday than worry about a student’s computer malfunctioning.

I cooked dinner tonight, took that to my husband, and made him some cookies per request. It’s hilarious. It’s something about men when they are sick. They feel as if they are dying. He’s been sick for a day and I was sick for two months…want to talk about feeling like you are dying. Daisy (chihuahua) literally took a shit on the kitchen floor tonight. Very unusual but if it was going to happen, it would have happened today.

  Oh and so far I’ve eaten TWO cookies with chocolate icing and sprinkles.


I’m contemplating a third. I feel like eating a carton of cookie dough ice cream.  Don ‘t tempt me I will drive down to Food Lion and use the last few dollars to my name to get a carton!!!!!!!  My counselor tells me that food = comfort to me. Which I totally agree. It’s like medicine, whenever I feel bad be it cramps, depression, or just having a shitty day I want to eat to make myself feel better.

How was  your day? 🙂


8 thoughts on “STRESSFUL DAY

  1. And just when you think it can’t get any worse, your apostrophe in the word don’t (last paragraph) is somehow actually backwards! Yes, somehow, all of the stars in the universe sang a chorus and conspired with YOUR grammar, deciding to swirl the apostrophe around the galaxies a few times and spit it back out (again, backwards) at you. Hey, I’ve had worse days. Have you ever been tazed and thrown in the drunk tank? (Right!)

  2. bhahahaahahahahaha I just realized that about the apostophe!!!! I totally think thats what happened by the way. The galaxie totally spit that damn thing back out. And no I can’t say I’ve ever been tazed and thrown in a drunk tank! I feel you need to blog about this ASAP. haha 🙂

  3. Oh! I can totally relate! I try to be happy and positive all the time, but sometimes its just hard, and I want to scream obscenities at everything! Especially at my bank balance! I really love your honesty and humanness. 🙂 I hope you and your husband get well and your day gets better!

  4. You know, I’m headed out of town for a bit, but i’ll blog about the whole tazing/drunk tank (correctional officer screaming out, “Fresh meat!” to the entire day room, making the “inmates” toilet paper roses and sketching portraits of their kids and loved ones so I wouldn’t get my ass kicked- and for commisary money- really soon. I promise.) Haa…I have led a colourful life for sure. (And wouldn’t have it any other way!)

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