Beautiful Blog Award

blog award 2

Well, today is going well!! 2nd blog award today!! ❤ I love this award because it is such a compliment to what I take time to write about. Thank you so much to ImThatKay for the nomination and seeing beauty in my blog!

This award does was 15 nominations so this will take me a bit too. Please give me some time as I have 2 blog awards that now need nominations.

7 Things About Me

I love Watermelon Flavored Strawberry Gum

I say whatever to not eating raw eggs and totally eat cake batter when I’m craving it!

Though I love English, I’m going to consider the idea of ever taking another English class again (on 4th English class this semester!)

I will be graduating this summer!

I’m  a member of PTK

I love reading true stories (ex. Girl Interrupted) of people who have had hard lives or biographies

I swear a lot more now than I used too


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