Ok so some of you might have noticed my “header” at the top of my blog for Muffins & Mocha is new! It’s a work in progress because it  has not been completely finished (considering the tag line is not in there yet) but I posted it to see anything should be added and if so what. I myself did not make this nor did I have any part other than telling the person who created it what I was looking for (colorful, fun font, flags) .  I really love it but wanted to get yalls opinion! Any advice? Anyone have a catchy tag tine?

I will be doing a full post about who made it, the experience, etc when all is said and done!


7 thoughts on “Header

  1. Very cute- I like it. 🙂 My suggestion (because I’m also a Photoshop artist and am constantly mixing colours in my editing/photography) is to substitute a pale shade of peacock blue in the place of the white BG/background. Instead of black text for the actual “Muffins & Mocha” part- replace them with a warm chocolate brown. (Peacock blue & brown are really in right now. Very popular on cushions, furniture, etc.) I love the added dots in the text- really cute. You’ve already got the same shade of blue in the flags, and the warm chocolate brown would compliment the coffee beans on both sides. I would be sure to keep both shades very light- you wouldn’t want them to overpower the header- just compliment it. Those would be my suggestions. (Also, the pale blue would compliment the blue hues in your profile pic.) xo

  2. Thanks for your advice! I actually told the person creating it about those and she did it for me. What do you think?! I think I really love it!!! As always, you are AMAZING ❤ im not good with putting colors together that look good so let me know honest opinion!! 🙂

  3. Hey, you did it! 🙂 It looks fantastic. I’m so used to mixing tones, hues, shades, (etc.) in Photoshop that I knew what it would look like in my mind. And no, I don’t think it needs to be lighter- it’s perfect. Very chic. 🙂

  4. I’m so glad you like it and that you suggested that!! ahh I LOVE it!! I am not good with color so I never would have thought to try that. This is the latest color combination we have had it all blue or the bottom part blue and top part white. It reminds me of the sky now though and with the flags I just think it ties it all together. Thanks for advice! ❤

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