One More Day

ONE MORE DAY until my week is over. Thank God. It’s not that my job is hard. I mean jeez I only work 4 days a week. Now before you start dripping with jealousy please keep in mind that I go to school online full time as well.  This semester has been really intense. Towards the end of work yesterday I realized my account was $0. So I called my husband to see if he could see what happened to the $50 I JUST made that should have been in there. In an attempt to cheer me up he is all dressed up when I get home wanting us to go “out”. I literally lose my shit because despite his nice idea, I do NOT OWN a pair of nice clothes.  I work with a child all day, have gained a ton of weight recently, and have basically jeans and shirts.  So this whole idea of going out ends up in me breaking down, screaming something about wanting this day to be over, and then eventually crying about it. After reviewing my account he realized the Way To Save from Wells Fargo is causing me to bounce because though it DOES take out $1 for every time you swipe the debit to be put into savings, it often takes likes a weeks worth out in one withdrawal. So I had $25 just all the sudden come out that I was not expecting.  GOODBYE WAY TO SAVE IT’S BEEN NICE KNOWING YOU.

My husband ended up switching tactics and changed his clothes, said get dressed, and we took a long drive pretty much into the middle of no where. We went somewhere near Maryland or up towards that way anyway. It was raining, he paid a toll of $12 to cross a bridge, and we went to this Kelly’s Tavern . It was a cute restaurant with bad service. All in all It was nice to just get out of the house anyway  and take a drive.  I did take a pic of inside the restaurant so will post it when I get the chance! The day was extremely rainy and definitely matched how I was feeling.

Do yall ever find the weather to match how you feel? haha weird question but curious! 🙂


6 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. Oh M&M- that bites the big one. I feel ya, Sister. I have all of $2 in my checking ($0 in savings) but hey, as I often say, my wealth is not measured in money, but by toilet paper, and I happen to be the proud owner of at least 16 rolls at the moment. (16 rolls!) That puts me right up there with the Kardashians.

    Your husband had the right idea after that suckfest of a day. I would have gone and made no haste whatsover in getting properly plastered. Sometimes, ya just need to.


    p.s. Being a (self-taught) full-time online student as well, I can say from experience, that it’s so much more difficult that going to an actual brick and mortar school. What you’re doing is not easy. Keep up the good work. You’re almost there. 😉

  2. hey girl hahahha 16 rolls I swear your posts make me laugh OUT LOUD!! hahaha it’s a good day when we have more than 4 rolls! And yeah I did appreciate him driving me out there and making an effort to get me to feel better. I may be posting another vent post later though ugh 😦 thanks for saying it’s almost over. Yes, this portion is and online does feel much more difficult! What did you get your degree in?

  3. Actually, still working on it. I have an accumulation of 60 credit hours so far, and about 4 – 6 more to go (perhaps by this summer or fall), but my major is Behavioral Sciences but I’m also working on a certification in Substance Abuse simultaneously. (I always tend to bite off more than I can chew- but I’m used to the high pressure and actually prefer it that way.) I’m a few points away from the Dean’s list but DANG these classes aren’t easy! (This semester I’m taking Pre-Calculus, Earth Science (lab core), Health Psychology, and Public Speaking). That’s one, big, UGLY sandwich. 😉 This summer (or fall) I’ll be interning at a substance abuse facility (to my knowledge, anyway).

    But hey, I’m almost there too. (I’m cramming 3 & 1/2 years of work into 2 & 1/2years.) I got tired of being the patient on the couch (being diagnosed). Now the shoe’s on the other foot (I’ve become my own therapist AND patient) but it’s pretty liberating. 🙂

  4. Oh interesting I did not realize you were in Behavioral Science. Are you trying to become a counselor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, other? My college offered I believe an Associates for the Substance Abuse degree but I did not go for that only becasue I believe one really needs their Bachelors to practice as a minimum. Do you feel the same way ? I think you are getting your Bachelors it sounds like? Way to go on all those classes. I took Public Speaking online girl I hated the idea of getting up in front of tons of people. Always have. One on one Im fine though! I’m trying to research the different ways to go into counseling to see what is the most realistic and affordable route. Like there is Bachelors of Social Work (BSW), there is also Child and Family Studies, etc. Is your college online or do you go to campus?

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