Liebster Award

Liebster Award 2

I received the Liebster award from The Sader But Wiser Girl. Thank you so much!! I ‘ve never had three awards at one time that need nominees haha I will be busy this weekend!! Give me a few more days guys I have gotten a bit behind. Even when these awards get a bit tedious to fill out I always remember how much my blog meant to the person that nominated me and feel really inspired to fill all this information out 🙂

Until I give the nominees here are the questions…

1. fave flower:  Rose
2. fave colour: Blue
3. fave season:  Fall but right now summer is sounding GREAT!
4. if you could have dinner with anyone dead, who would it be:  My sister
5. fave vacation destination:  I would love to go to Hawaii
6. how many hours do you sleep a night:  usually 8-10 depending
7. how many hours do you spend blogging a day:  I will stick with the same answer, around an hour if I can make that happen between school & work
8. fave chore:  wow haha this is a hard question! I would say maybe laundry
9. which do you prefer to drive, standard or automatic:  Automatic! Anything else and we are all dead hahah
10. fave book:  I really enjoyed The Hunger Games!
11. least fave kinda music:  Jazz ugh and old music.


One thought on “Liebster Award

  1. When I originally tried to learn to drive my parents attempted to teach me with their car that happened to be a stickshift. I have come to the conclusion that if they didn’t let me try it in my grandma’s car that happened to be an automatic that I may have never learned to drive!

    I am so glad you liked the award! I hope it drives more readers to your blog-that’s always a nice thing! I looked for you on Twitter, but didn’t find an account-you should totally make one for your blog! 🙂

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