Need an Affordable Header?

Recently, I put up a post in search of someone to help me with my blog.  I very quickly received a few responses. However, my first response was from Amy aka Lucky Wreck.  She volunteered to help me out of the kindness of her own heart. If you are looking for a header, print/media design, or other website related creation consider her!


From my own experience with Amy she:

  • Very patiently accepted and viewed tons of websites I liked to get a sense of my style
  • Worked together with me very well
  • She was considerate when I didn’t like something or wanted to add something
  • Discussed and edited colors,pictures, and fonts MANY TIMES
  • Sent me examples even after I thought I had found something I liked. She wanted to make sure I LOVED it.

A bit more about Amy from the Lucky Wreck blog:

She and her friend have started an Advertising/Production company called BEAZ, Inc. They both have Psychology degrees.  Amy also has a background in Art with TV & Film experience.

Amy’s business, BEAZ,Inc  can be found here on Facebook

To Contact  BEAZ, INC please email

A cool fact: BEAZ,INC just wrapped a tv commercial for anti-sex trafficking campaign. If you live in Houston, look for the commercial! 🙂

I was extremely happy with the experience and give her 5 stars *****.

One request I have is that if you email her please understand that she cannot afford to give away tons of headers for free. In my case, she was doing this as a favor and also for  experience.  I can guarantee you that Amy will give anyone she works with a good deal!

thank you 2


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