Personalize Your Frame with Book Pages

Sorry friends that I have been away for a few days. A lot has been going on with school (reports ick) and family drama (once again ick!). If you did not see it feel free to check out the post titled “Depression” on my page.  I do want to post some DIY stuff for yall today!


Personalized Frame

I found this cool idea of adding  book pages behind a large frame in Show And Tell’s blog! Beth chose to use pages that had alphabet on them, however, you could use any type pages you wanted. For a child’s room you could use pages directly out of a children’s book! If you don’t want to tear pages out I highly recommend going to Goodwill or other thrift store. Their children’s books are usually 50 cents to $1.00.  Take a moment to flip through and look at the illustrations.  This is a perfect example of never judge a book by its cover!!

This DIY with photographs of the project can be found here



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