Chartreuse is an American based soy candle company that offers luxurious hand poured candles at affordable prices, ranging between $14-$20+. The company was created this year (January 2013) by its owner Annie Orrill. The candle pictured above is Vanilla + Amber + Vetiver. This scent is the most company’s most popular. It’s essential that Chartreuse customers know that all of the candles that Chartreuse sells are:

Eco Friendly

Food Grade-Kosher

Hypo Allergenic



Vegan friendly

Alcohol free

What makes Chartreuse unique is that the candles they sell are triple scented to give off a cold and hot scent throw. All scents are created exclusively by the Chartreuse candle company. The burn time can last up to 70 hours for a 10 oz candle and up to 100 hours for a 16 oz candle. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane seasons the burn time is extremely important! I myself have experienced several power outages where it seemed like my candles were not going to hold up until the lights came back on! 🙂 I’m so thankful to hear that there are candles out there that last a while.

Chartreuse ships to both the U.S. and the U.K.

Currently, Chartreuse is based solely online.

Their online store/website is located here

Also, check them out on their other social network sites:





SALE: If purchasing two candles through Chartreuse’s Etsy page here use the coupon code: SHIP2FREE . This code provides customers with free shipping of 2+ candles.

Thanks for looking!! I did feature a candle company called Melt not too long ago. However, please note that this company ONLY shipped to the U.K. I wanted to put a U.S. company out there that the majority of my readers could have the opportunity to experience ❤


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