Power Bar and Radio Questions


Ok, I am going to post a few random questions for yall this morning 🙂  And I say morning like it’s early because I really want to be in bed right now!


Is there a power bar/enery bar/protein bar in existence that TASTES edible. Maybe even good? I keep buying them, thinking the flavor sounds awesome, taking a bite, and wanting to throw up!! Like the famous “cookies and cream” flavor that sounds delish. It tastes more like cat shit to me when put into a power bar! Maybe I am not trying the right kinds. Help!!!


Over the past few days I’ve heard a couple of interestig questions put on the radio for listeners to respond too. I thought I would share them and see what yalls opinion was!

Scenerio 1 = A girl wants her mom to hire her to work for her mom’s business. The mom is considering it but the problem she feels is that her daughter has several facial piecings.  Her daughter is refusing to take these out. The mother does not know if she wants her business represented in this way.  Do you feel the mom should look past tattoos and hire her daughter or tell her she cannot hire her unless they are removed? Or do you fee it’s not good to hire your child to work for your business in general?

Scenerio 2 = A man is unhappily married. He is actually in love with his wife’s sister who is in fact unhappily married as well. He is pondering the idea of divorcing his wife and telling her sister how he really feels. He feels his wife would be A ok without him. What should he do?

Discuss 🙂 !



One thought on “Power Bar and Radio Questions

  1. Amanda says:

    Try Lara Bars. They have great favors and there is no preservatives or other stuff. The bars are basically fruit, nuts, chocolate and unsweetened coconut and plus you can read the all ingredients on the label.

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