And The Winner Is….

polar bear plunge

Thank you to all those who participated in the Polar Bear Plunge!!! Here are the entries below that emulate winter.



Amazon $10 GC will be sent through email to Peter tonight! Congrats!



Submitted by : Mary

sweet southern chili

Sweet Southern Chili

Recipe located here

Submitted by: Marie

Snow; A Temporary Covering (A Haiku)
White sheet covers all,
Night falls; Snow replaced by rain,
All lays bare again.
Submitted by: Peter
Submitted by:  Birgitta
About the pic (exact words from photographer): self portrait at an abandoned warehouse. No shoes, gestapo jacket with evening gown. I had just had a bitter breakup, and my therpay is photography, so, out into the snow barefooted I went! (Camera in tow.)
winter 2
Submitted by: Barbie


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