I love true stories. This looks like a good one about a couple who is willing to do almost anything for money.

Alyce Vayle Author

Not Your Ordinary Housewife: Book Review

That’s the theme of this book Not Your Ordinary Housewife by Nikki Stern. In the 1980s, Nikki found herself in Amsterdam and in love. She was a glass-blower and artist, living in a communal lesbian squat, dressing in leather, safety pins and fishnets. She meets Paul, a younger, Dutch punk cartoonist and they soon marry and engage in an amorous sexual connection, dragging two single mattresses onto the floor of their squat to make love all day and night.

Amsterdam and the punk art scene

Paul struggles to find work and does not want to hold down a regular job. He also has homosexual fantasies, and dreams of sharing Nikki with other men. They both come from liberal, arty backgrounds, Nikki’s father a person of note on the art scene and Nikki’s mother a ballerina. Paul enters into several dodgy business deals to earn…

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  1. Hey, just left a comment for the original poster. Interesting stuff! (It actually coincides with my last post.) No doubt a daunting read, but no doubt a necessary one for many women (and men). Hope you’re well. xo

  2. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I agree. I know people are like wow that I can post about a sex ring and then after post about a m&m cookie recipe hahahah. I like to put it all out there. I think that’s why you and I understand each other 🙂

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