Do you have a collection ?

Hello Friends!

I was looking around at blogs the other day and came upon Erica’s RubberDuckyCopywriter’s blog.  I love that she gives out FREE writing advice but even more so, I think it’s so cool that she has a rubber ducky collection!! I remember when I was younger I used to collect glass animals. I would love to start a different type of collection. Do you have one ? Check our Erica’s collection below ! There is a story behind each rubber duck!


Click ===> The Flock

One thought on “Do you have a collection ?

  1. I collect Spongebob merch and have for almost 10 years. Kind of crazy how much stuff I have. It’s all in boxes cause I have nowhere to put it. I have things from novelty items to baby stuff (and I don’t even have a baby). If I see anything with him on it I’ll usually buy it. Same goes for Adventure Time stuff which is coming along nicely.

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