My Paw Tattoo!


I got my paw tattoo today!! so excited! It’s the actual paw print of my dog. Daisy has been licking my foot. I think she knows it’s hers hahah. No really, I think she can prob thinks I am injured and is trying to comfort me.  She is very much a caretaker!

THANK YOU GROUPON! I got my tattoo for $20 off If you are not familiar with that website check it out. They have everything from massages, gyms, car washes, etc at discounted prices! You just pic the groupon you want, pay for it, print it out, and bring it in with you when you get the service done (just like a coupon). Everything appears to be 50-75 percent off the regular price on that site.


Also went to chiropractor today from a different groupon I had purchased ! I payed $60 for three visits including xrays.  I found out my pelvis is turning the wrong way, my hamstrings suck, and I need to lose weight because my weight is putting pressure on my injured hip. Joy. I was also really sore after getting adjusted but im guessing that this is normal?



6 thoughts on “My Paw Tattoo!

  1. thanks guys I appreciate it!!! I really am pleased with it too., I’m glad I chose to do it in black so that it looks like an actual ink print.

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