Things I Need to Start Doing…


  • Balancing my checkbook
  • Taking better medical care of myself (including going to the Dentist)
  • Paying off Medical and Credit card bills
  • Being Assertive and telling someone “no” when I know I am to burned out to do something
  • Loving Myself More
  • Remembering to stretch after exercising
  • Taking Pictures Again
  • Cooking Healthier
  • Relaxing
  • Being Thankful
  • Forgiving
  • Admitting I am sometimes wrong
  • Tell my husband he is “right” more
  • Write in my journal

2 thoughts on “Things I Need to Start Doing…

  1. These are all great things! And, ironically, ALL the same things I need to start doing, too! ….Um…except for the husband one…because I don’t have one of those. But all the other things! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. Great list! Things I think everyone could do a little more of. Also one to add: replace the negative speech with more positive speech. For example, instead of cursing the driver who cut you off, send thanks to the driver who kindly used his/her blinker and waiting until there was enough room.

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