Photographs of Walk


This is me after I got done working out today. I’m proud of myself for sticking to my 15 minutes on my elliptical a day. I know it may not seem like much at all but I have already dropped a few pounds! Starting off slow and easy is definitely the answer for me . I get burned out fast. I’ve been that girl that does an hour on the elliptical or walks a few miles and then does not do it again for a month lol! Do not be ashamed if you can only exercise a little bit.  You are still doing more than most of America!

I went on a walk the other day and took a few pics with my new camera. If you can’t get inspired to exercise just grab your camera and go out to find things around the neighborhood to take pictures of!

Really quick I must give credit to . His pictures have inspired me to notice things about buildings and nature I normally would have passed by. Thank you for that!


It’s so strange to me when I see the moon during the day haha!


I miss Palm Trees!! This person had one in their front  yard and I wanted to steal it. Is that robbery if you dig up and take someones tree? hey it was off to the side I thought it was trash! haha jk


Hopefully these little flowers mean warm weather is coming. Here is hoping!


Wanna be gangs in my neighborhood. Cannot wait to move out of VA to FL!!!!! Our neighborhood sign was also tagged with this star on both sides. My husband believes these tags are symbols of “bloods.” WONDERFUL


Every now and then we need a boost of self esteem. My car got one after looking at this picture. It was a “Things could be worse…I could look like that!” moment hahahha. Everyone needs those boosts sometimes!

Alright guys hope you had a wonderful weekend!! I’m about to head out of VA tomorrow to visit GA and FL! woohoo! Vacation! Again, I may not be able to post along the way I will have to see. Will def take lots of pics to most when I return March 31st. Take care everyone 🙂


2 thoughts on “Photographs of Walk

  1. Good job! Those elliptical’s are hard work. I try to do 20 and by 10 I’m zoning out. It’s like an out of body experience lol. I just close my eyes and push through… then I want to sleep so I think it’s great you did the 15 minutes. I really want to buy one for my house.

    I do the same as you.. just go out to walk and take pictures. I have so many pictures that no one ever sees lol. I post most to Instagram but with my Nikon it’s just so much hassle getting them off my camera, editing, resizing, uploading. There’s so many i want to post on here I just haven’t got around to it. My brother is still waiting for pics I took of him skating over a month ago lol.

  2. I’ve been that girl that does an hour on the elliptical or walks a few miles and then does not do it again for a month lol! <<< ha…me too. 🙂

    You're so pretty! Your face has that dewy thing going on here. K- I'm feeling REALLY guilty for abandoning my $234 Gazelle Stryder. It lives against my living room wall. (And is there every time I watch Chopped, Top Chef, etc.) And good for you for taking your camera out and about! That's exactly how I started out. (At 3 a.m. taking shadow shots in alleys, etc.) I hope you have a great vacation- dang, I'm jealous! Florida!!

    Don't hurt yourself. 😉
    See ya soon. xo

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