Finding Yourself

me 3

If your feeling lost, confused, or just having a lack of identity know that you are not alone!

I spent much of my childhood going through emotional ordeals as a result of not having a father …and at many times not having a mother that was psychologically able to be there.  Due to this, I feel like  I lost a lot of those prime years where we figure out who we are, self confidence, what love is, who’s worth protecting, how to walk away, etc.

I’m working with my counselor now on finding out who I am as a person. She had me make a collage of pictures on a canvas frame of things that I loved. I wanted to put my friends on it but she said no, only put things that apply to ME as a person. The point was to figure out who I am as a separate entity.  After finishing my collage, it felt good to look at something I created that was a part of me. I will take a picture and post below.  The collage may be a good idea for you too if you are visual, artsy, and just enjoy doing an affordable craft that teaches you something!

The more I learn about getting to know myself the more I will post on here and share it with you. ❤


4 thoughts on “Finding Yourself

  1. I like this post. Such a good idea. Seems we have a little more in common then I first thought. The more I learn about you the more I realize this. It’s good you’re seeing someone. I’ve been considering it. I can’t wait to see this collage either. Hope you’re feeling better about who you are cause you’re pretty amazing =)

  2. thanks guys! there is definitely so much more to me than a lot of people realize. People tend to see bubbly and at times naive when it comes to myself. However, when people begin to realize what I struggle with and that I am like everyone else they realize we have things in common 🙂 I love it when my readers feel comfortable with me and find things that we share.

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