Exams = FML

Today has been productive. I took one World Literature exam, wrote one Compare & Contrast poetry essay for Intro To Literature, and am studying tonight for my Stress Management exam.   I feel VERY overwhelmed right now. I was  a bitch to my husband earlier. Our socket in the bathroom has quit working so I can’t dry my hair in there.  Tried drying it in living room but could not do that because could not see what I was doing so I go into our back room where he is sleeping and blast the dryer all while turning on the fan and a lamp. Let’s just say he’s been happier with me….. hahaha.  School feels like it’s never going to end. It’s hard to watch my husband work a decent paying job with his Bachelors and me not even have my Associates yet. It’s even harde knowing some people choose to pay others to take their courses for them!

For those of you who have a career in mind but are unsure what it makes, benefits it offers, statistics, etc in YOUR area check out www.salary.com .  This website let me know A LOT about the career (Social Work) that I will be going into in when I move to Florida…and get my BSW. You can look up ANY career though!

If for any reason you are considering social work PLEASE check out this website Be A Social Worker .  It’s a big map ..you  just move your mouse over the states and it tells you all the colleges that offer BSW. Believe it or not this degree is a bit hard to find in many places! This map saves you  a ton of time searching different colleges to see if hey offer Social Work.

also completely random …

Our radio station here in VA is giving away $500 cash prize and a trip to Nashville. Wanted to pass on link in case yall wanted to enter! Fingers crossed I win a trip. ha! Not likely. The only thing I have ever won was a flea sprayer. EMBARASSING!!! 😦


Add me as  friend on facebook while your at it! I’m under Jenny Fusco but the link above should take you to my page..


2 thoughts on “Exams = FML

  1. A flea sprayer….(cracking up.) That’s pretty funny. 🙂 And do some people really pay others to take their courses for them?! Wowww…..I didn’t know that. I hear you about college feeling like it’s never ending. This is my hardest semester yet (because of all the BS that has gone down this year) and I am barely hanging on- GF. I know it’s hard right now, but just think about your degree- you’re almost there! And you’re going to be a darn good social worker- I know it. Keep your chin (and head) up. 😉

  2. I appreciate the inspiration! Imagine this shit..im like maybe 13 yearsold at a pet expo. upsest with beanie babies. I see this big tiger plush one that you must buy raffle tickets for. I want it a lot so i buy like 10 hahaah. i didnt take a moment to see if there was a 2nd place. so they call out winner for tiget on stage and drum roll….its so NOT me. so im like damn and get ready to leave when i hear my name again and the guy is holding a flea sprayer system forthe house. seriously?? WHY. Id rather luck not exist than have to go onstage and accept that. I tried to blend in to crowd but they keep calling my name. fuck. so i accept it and get the hell out of there fast!!! hahhahaaha

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