Home Sweet Home

daisy love


I got back yesterday from my trip to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, SC. It was wonderful getting to see my friends and family. Savannah, Georgia is where my Grandmother (Gaga) and Grandfather (Granddaddy) live. There is something so peaceful about visiting a place that never changes. My grandfather’s house was his father’s house. There is a little shed in the backyard that belonged to his father’s father before the bigger house was ever built! The backyard, swing, and lawn chair where my grandfather sits and plays with his dog are always in the same position. The hammock wrests against the porch awaiting a visitor. I direly wish there were someone to keep this place going in the future…that my grandfather had a son who wanted the honor of keeping up the house, its serenity, and story.

Charleston, SC is my hometown. The roads, restaurants, and radio stations are all familiar to me. I passed by places that I have had so many memories at. The same movie theatre, County Park, and Melvin’s still exists even though many new places have been built up around them. I did not realize how much I had missed familiarity. It was wonderful to see my best friends and yet hard to realize how much each one of us was struggling (in our own way). Someone once told me that if they won the lottery one of the first things they would do is take care of their best friend. I’ve never forgotten that they said that to me. Nor could I agree with them more. ❤

As much fun as I have been having blogging about DIY, colorful things, etc I feel that I am losing site as to why I started my blog to begin with. Muffins&Mocha is meant to be a place where people can come, get comfortable, and feel safe discussing all different types of issues. Though I sometimes reference my depression I do not post as many deep posts as I would like. I need to do this more. A friend also told me that I should blog about my mom. It’s a topic that I do not like writing about but maybe I should consider it. I read in my stress management book that the people who have the least amount of time in their day to de stress are the ones who need it most. I definitely feel I am one of those people!!

Thank you to all of my loyal readers who follow me and take interest in my life. Each and every one of my followers matters to me. I consider it an honor to have touched each person enough to click that follow button at the top of the page. Please know that without you, this world would feel like a darker place. (im in middle of pic below)



2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. (((I’ve missed you!)))

    Did you know you’re a very “sunny” person? Yep. Your comments, suggestions, advice, and support are invaluable, and you’re drastically missed when you’re not around. I’m not sure what the story is with your Mom, but I do know this, it actually HURTS to write about super-sensitive issues. (I do it all the time.) But you know, when you bleed publicly, you heal publicly- also- there are a lot of people who live in emotional pain, you know? You never know who you’re going to touch by bleeding out in a blog. That’s one of the main reasons that I do it. It’s raw- but it’s real. I know there are always people who are worse off than me. I know that some of my posts (especially the painfully honest ones) DO actually help others. So, I encourage you in that area, M&M. Also, if you feel like stepping away for a bit- I encourage that 100%. I do that too. (You have too sometimes.)

    I’m really glad you’re back and it sounds like you had a great time. 🙂

    p.s – I love this:

    “There is something so peaceful about visiting a place that never changes.”

    That’s so true.

  2. Awww look at that little baby. She’s seriously so cute.
    I get what you mean about going back to a place that doesn’t change. Unfortunately I haven’t been back to the town I’m talking about in over 12 years but I know come the day I decide to go back everything will be the same. I miss the town I grew up in so much at times. I got some really good memories there especially during the holiday season. I get “homesick” even though Australia is my home.
    I feel the same way about my blog too although I’m still confused about where I’m going with it. I started it to vent and be open but have found myself restricted that the same time. Sometimes I wonder if it would be different if I started it as an anon blog. Maybe one day lol.
    I’m glad you enjoyed yourself though and I’m actually looking forward to seeing post about you. I always am =)

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