When You’re The Best Of Friends

ImageI withheld from engaging in ridiculous Facebookery, but this is too hilarious! Hey y’all it’s Jordan (http://darlingeverythingisonfire.wordpress.com/). My girl Jen came to visit this past weekend & left herself logged in on apparently EVERYTHING on my computer! So, in light of this enormous surprise, I’ve decided to take liberties with her blog just long enough to write about the weekend & of course to shamelessly plug my own page! 😉 So, this past weekend was my 25th birthday. Jen & the man came down to celebrate with me. We brunched, lunched, dinnered, took many pictures, & drank several bottles of wine! In the midst of all that fabulousness (yes, I take liberties with the English language as well), we also talked deeply about my girl’s depression & my own post-traumatic stress. I’ve been really trying to handle my issues lately & in doing so, I’ve found myself in the midst of significant changes. I’ve altered several facets of my personality, along with some important beliefs. I’m finding myself happier since making these changes, because I feel as though I’m finally being honest & coming to grips with who I am. Of course, I was a bit concerned as to how my closest friends would react. Thankfully I’m blessed to have some truly amazing people in my life. My heterolifemate KHare (http://portentsprodigy.wordpress.com/) seemed less shocked than I was at some of my revelations, but then, we are twisted sisters the pair of us. I was somewhat afraid to talk to Jen about things I was going through. She’s never given me any cause to withdraw, but having been friends for a decade now, I knew it would be hard for her to take in some of what I had to say. I told her how I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m not a Christian, but that I’m Agnostic. Growing up Baptist, feeling pressured by the weight of God’s love my entire life, this is a HUGE step for me to take. However, I feel as though I’ve always been this person. It was in me all along. I was denying it out of fear; fear of God’s wrath & worst of all, my own disappointed hopes. It is hard to admit, but I’m now happier than I’ve ever been surrounded by Christianity. Along with life altering decisions such as this, I’ve thrown out magazines I used to find interesting. I’ve tossed most of my stilettos. I’ve begun wearing makeup less often. My style has expanded to include items I never would have worn in the past. It was of course a lot for Jen to take in. However, she acted as she always has throughout our ten year friendship… kind, incredibly supportive, & caring. Words cannot express how much I appreciate this from Jen, my best girl. She doesn’t take to change easily & I know that it was hard for her, but she listened to me talk for ages & she accepted all I had to say & she said she loved me anyway & that was exactly what I needed from her. ❤


3 thoughts on “When You’re The Best Of Friends

  1. Jordan im just now realizing you posted this hahahahah LOVE!! Thanks for doing that! ❤ Super sweet what you said.I accept you any way that you are. Change does take me a while..and in your case abou 24 hours which is incredible for me considering usually it takes months. I understand you, respect you, and will always love you for who you are.

  2. You are a GEM, Jen. 🙂 Absolutely. We have to have be there for our loved ones- without judging or condemnation at differences in ideas and beliefs. You’ve got a heart of gold.(“Facebookery” -“heterolifemate” hahaaaa……!)

  3. awww thanks!! ❤ you always make me feel loved. I told Jordan about you and to check out your photography! She LOVES pictures and is considering photography. I love the words she comes up with too they are pretty fantastic!!

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