Vacation Statistics


While studying for my Stress Management exam I could not help but re read a section that I find to be so incredibly prevalent!!


Here are TRUE statistics:

Number of vacation Days received a Year

United States: 14

Great Britain: 24

Germany: 26


France: 36

So who’s moving to France with me!?!?!?

Also, more true statistics right out of my book….

“Since 41 percent of American workers regularly work more than 40 hours a week, they really need these vacation days.  Then, when they do take vacation, 23 percent check their work voice and e-mail, and one-third have trouble coping with stress from work at some point during their vacation.  Furthermore, while vacationing, 43 percent of American workers do at least some work, using their laptops (41 percent), cell phones (30 percent), personal computers (10 percent), or PDA’s (7 percent).  Researchers argue that the high value placed on hard work and productivity in the United States and a strong work ethic have led to this unfortunate vacation-time disparity.”

vacation work

So next time you go on vacation, do your body a favor and just RELAX. Leave the laptop at home. Use the cell for emergencies. Break out the dusty camera from under the couch. And go explore! If Americans are only limited to a 2 week vacation then good Lord we should savor every bit of those  2 weeks!

vacation 2


4 thoughts on “Vacation Statistics

  1. So who’s moving to France with me!?!?!? <<< Haha. (Me!)
    I could live with a glass of Merlot and a hairy French guy (scratch that…) I could live with a glass of Merlot. 🙂

    Seriously though, those are incredible stats. I had no idea that that many people (besides myself) need to learn how to frikking relax! (Note to self. RELAX.) 😉

    1. I agree to merlot!!! lets just yeah scratch hairy guy…I don’t like hair. hahahahh unless it’s on your head. I feel like that is where hair is supposed to be. Some people love the cave men types. (love you Jordan but you know im winking at you from a few states over) hahahhah

  2. Love the stats. Love France. But I think it would be easier to relax on vacation if there was a law that made it impossible for companies to fire people while they were on vacation. It’s happened to me, my parents and more than a handful of my friends.

    “Need a vacation? Here’s your vacation: Your services are no longer required.”

    But I guess that opens up the opportunity to move to France. 🙂

  3. Erica I agree! I can’t believe a company did that to you!! I guess I can though in this crappy economy. The person I work for was let go right after she was about to come home from maternity leave! Horrible situation. Do you have a job now in which you enjoy? The only good thing is that I believe sometimes thins do not work out for a reason. 🙂

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