Online School…yay or nay?

Hello friends!

Hoping you can help me here. I’m trying to decide about going to an online school.  You know what one of my biggest pet peeves is? A person asking an obvious question when it can easily be googled.  I’m stating this because I want you to know I have definitely done research on online schools ! 🙂 I still come up as very confused. Here is the thing.

WHEN I READ REVIEWS: Almost all online colleges have both good and bad reviews. The biggest complaints are financial aid or the person feeling like they have been “scammed” by the university.  Others post that they have had an incredible experience with the university. I’m totally confused as to if I should run or look into them more?…..

HOW MUCH IS A REASONABLE AMOUNT TO PAY HOURLY FOR ONLINE COLLEGE: I’m not talking online college through a community college…I’m talking a place like St. Leo, Kaplan, Regent, Liberty, and so on.  So far, the cheapest I’ve found was St. Leo. I believe there was like $450 a credit hour. This IS very expensive compared to an in state school, however, for a year I will not be considered “in state” in Florida.  $450 is actually cheaper than an out-of-state hourly cost at  a state college.

IF YOU HAVE HAD AN EXPERIENCE WITH AN ONLINE COLLEGE BE IT GOOD OR BAD WOULD YOU PLEASE SHARE IT: It would be incredibly helpful to hear from people on wordpress whom I can ask questions to or who have a first hand account to share with me.  It’s easier to get an understanding of whether or not an online college would be for me.

I’m going into either social services, human services, or sociology.  I know that people have reported having BAD experiences who took Law or Medical courses through online colleges. I can’t help but wonder if this is because these are often hands on and ideally in class courses.  It’s scary to think of taking an online course and not being able to get the right kind of certification!!! I do not personally feel though that for my major I would need to do in class courses. Just because I have done sociology based courses online previously with no problem. Maybe I’m wrong though…

Thanks for any help!

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One thought on “Online School…yay or nay?

  1. Allow me to help. :0)

    I’ve accumulated 60 credit hours (in just over two years- that’s making pretty good time) in nothing but online college. I’ll elaborate on my experiences thus far. (Doesn’t that sound all…”collegy”?!)

    The pros:

    a. You get to take exams at 3 a.m. if you like, in your jammies.
    b. YOU call the shots!
    c. The schedules are far more flexible than a “brick and mortar” college, as it’s called.
    d. You can take your classes to the park, or the beach and read/study in a relaxing environment.
    e. You can devote more time to family/pets, etc.

    These are just a few, but the list is long.

    The cons:

    a. YOU call the shots.
    b. You have to be fiercely disciplined (I am) and meet your deadlines.
    c. The “extra free time” is a mirage that quickly vanished as your deadlines approach, (with the former sometimes creating a false sense of security).
    d. The stress is incredible
    e. Being online can be tempting and distracting, such as: blogging, gaming, emailing, etc.

    Again, the list is long, but I feel that the pros far outweigh the cons. Also, again, check Vincennes University (Indiana’s oldest college) – a formidable and inexpensive college. I love this school and will be entering my junior year this fall. A typical annual cost schedule looks like this:

    $2,331.00 per year (in-state) at 15 credit hours per semester/2 semesters per year, or, $1, 165.5 per semester (or, 15 credit hours). As you’ll probably agree, this is extremely reasonable; out-of-state is a tad more, but not much. Vincennes University Distance Education site can be found here:

    I’m only several points away from the Dean’s list, and I won’t say that online classes are a cake-walk (far from it), but I WILL say that Vincennes University is a proficient, dedicated, inspiring school to attend, even online. I hope this helps to answer some questions you might have.

    Good luck, M&M!
    I have no doubt you’ll do very well whatever you decide upon. xo

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