Completed Stress Management & College Update


I could not help posting the above picture! I LOVE it!  Motivation + dog = too awesome for words.

I completed my Stress Management course a few moments ago.  I’m telling you….it felt like that course was never going to end. There was so much reading involved and three 70 question exams.  I learned a lot from it though which is more than I can say from my other classes this semester. I hate paying $400+ for a class that I come away from feeling like….

confusedLost and Confused Signpost

I did hours of research online last night about colleges. Here is something I learned that I would like to share with you.  On Campus Colleges and Online Colleges (like Kaplan and so on) are NOT your only options. Many colleges offer “distance learning programs” that allow you to complete an online degree through an actual college…even if you are several states away from them.  So for those of you (like me) who are wary of going to  a specifically just online college, consider looking in other states for distance learning programs.  Yes, out-of-state is more expensive. However, I would be willing to pay more money to complete a major I loved than to pay less money and complete a major I would never do anything with.   One must really look at the whole picture and weigh the options. I came across a few colleges that allowed kids from right out of highschool to come live on a farm, take care of the animals, and do chores. In exchange: room/board and college itself was completely free.  Another college offered a FREE ride to those who actually qualified for the college. It was an engineering college I believe and expected a portfolio along with other work they sent you to be completed before they made an acceptance decision.  Still, I never knew these possibilities were out there!

Also, I found out colder states have cheaper tuition rates. (like North Dakota and South Dakota)

I’m also having colleges email me about an “out-of-state tuition over ride scholarship” type deal.  If I “qualified” with my grades then I would be eligible to go to the college and pay “in state tuition”…even though I don’t live in the state. That was pretty cool! If only they had my major ::sigh:: Again, if you are not a member of PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) please consider it if ONLY for the emails that you will get from colleges wanting to recruit you. There is no need to buy a bunch of (unattractive in my opinion) PTK souvenirs if you don’t want to lol.

I do think I discovered the college I want to attend but I need to call them tomorrow and make sure that their Bachelors of Human Services is in fact online.  I’m a bit sad that this place is not University of Central Florida because I was looking forward to going there. However, I can’t justify $750 a credit hour (out-of-state) if there is another cheaper option!

Real quick my productivity for today was:

  1. 20 Minutes on the Elliptical
  2. Planted 2 Azalea bushes in the front yard
  3. Raked up all the prickly gum balls out of the front yard
  4. Wrote my final 5 page Stress Management essay and completed the course!!



4 thoughts on “Completed Stress Management & College Update

  1. This is what impresses me the most-

    Wrote my final 5 page Stress Management essay and completed the course!! <<<<

    You go! That's awesome, Jen. 🙂 You know what's funny? The past two chapters in my Health Psychology class has been on stress, and it's stressed me the crap out even more. Ha.. So very happy for you that you've completed the course. :0) You're right too, it's hard to find a good Sociology/Human Services major these days. I think Homeland Security, Nursing, and Information Technology are taking over.

    p.s. (Off-topic, but…) You should know that the soft brown colour here in your blog is a great choice. It's always so soothing on the eyes and strangely, makes me relax. It's earthy, and I think it's makes a great complimentary colour to the sunflowers. (Like soil. :0)

    Just thought you should know that. 😉

  2. Hey thanks haha! it’s crazy but I never thought that class was going to end. My teacher graded by a points system . The total amount of points you could get was 1000=A however, you started out with 0 and worked your way up. So up until I did this final essay (assuming I get total amount of possible 200 points for it) I was almost failing hahah . Even though I had completed everything! I do not care for the points system. It def keeps you on your toes. How does your teacher grade?

    That is funny about you stressing about stress. That was my joke to everyone! that stress management was STRESSFUL lol. Very interesting but damn. Exhausting.

    I’m not sure what is up with all of these computer courses and even more concerning nurse ones. No offense to nurses but I would much prefer they be trained IN CLASS and not online due to that being a very hands on profession. You will not believe what I read yesterday. Someone admitted to being a medical assistant, wanting to be a dr, and being contacted by an online school. The school told her that if she took a quiz and passed it she could automatically become a doctor. They charged her $1200, gave her quiz, she passed, and was sent a drs certificate. hahahahahahahahahahah now that is scary. Of course the certificate was crap and I believe she said she got her money back. She deserved to lose it though for being that much of an idiot to think she could opperate on people after taking the quiz!

    have you been looking into schools you may want to transfer too? I found another one in FLorida that has lower prices than university of central florida…giving them a ring tomorrow. will let ya know.

    and thx about the background! I thought this one was calming too! I tend to have backgrounds based on how I am feeling. Last week was a shit ton of unbrellas because I was feeling depressed. Today was looking up hence the sunflowers lol! 🙂

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