Deactivated Facebook Account

Tonight, I deactivated my Facebook account. I cannot tell you how relieved I feel. I’ve had Facebook for the past 5 + years of my life. It has been great getting to stay connected with my friends and posting cute pictures to my page. Here are some major drawbacks though:

  • You become addicted (embarrassed to admit how many times I check my account daily)
  • Adding people as “friends” and actually being real “friends” with them in real life are often  two different things
  • One suddenly feels the need to let the world know what they want to do on their status as opposed to going out into the world and making it happen.
  • If you struggle with envy like I do, it’s easy to get caught up in the pics of what everyone is doing & has that you don’t
  • Feeling the need to add in-laws or other people to  your Facebook out of respect. Resulting in them  judging the crap out of your life
  • The awkward moment when you are up against the decision of adding your employer or not
  • If someone deletes me from their “friends” list, does that mean we are not  friends anymore in real life?
  • Shady people…enough said
  • The temptation to write as if you never heard of capitalization or periods

facebook 3


  • What if my friends can’t reach me!
  • Those that start drama feel that they “win” because I’m leaving…which is what they wanted all along right?
  •  What if people take me leaving the wrong way?
  • I will not get to check my account  every day much less ever


Ok, sitting back and looking at these reasons that I have chosen to deactivate my account is a bit hilarious  and concerning.  If my friends can only reach me on Facebook that means they must be the .0000000000001 % of the population that does not own a phone.  As far as drama goes, no one wins in those types of situations. At the end of the day, the question is whether I feel happy and safe posting my personal feelings on Facebook. The answer is : NO. If people take me leaving the wrong way well, then I guess there is nothing I can do about that.  If I don’t mean enough to someone to ask why I am in fact leaving then I really doubt they are that concerned about my where bouts.  The whole..I will not get to check my account every day thing is concerning! Seriously. Facebook has become an addiction.  Instead of getting out of the house, doing something productive, or other I find myself just browsing through pics and reading statuses all day long. Don’t even get me started on Pintrest haha.

I want to LIVE more instead of zoning the fuck out on the computer.

I want to VENT in a place that I feel safe.

I want to be NEGATIVE some days because that is a natural human emotion.

I do not care how behind people feel that I am…I will never be giving my young children ipads, ipods, i anythings.

facebook 2

They will be getting outside, climbing trees, playing basketball, going camping, etc.  Just because society has made technology extremely popular does not mean that it gives us a solid foundation about the world.  Yes, you can look up almost anywhere on the world  on thanks to hundreds of different handheld devices. It’s too easy though.  Technology has given us a false sense of not needing to explore to get answers.  As much as I appreciate the internet…I would really like to live & experience what the world has to offer without always leaning on Facebook and it’s friends (google, yahoo, other).


It’s been fun Facebook! Thank you for the good times. It’s sad to say goodbye to something I spend so many days with. ❤


One thought on “Deactivated Facebook Account

  1. I agree with it all. I haven’t had Facebook for almost a year. Last time I reactivated it was October when I got engaged and then it was gone again the week later. I do admit sometimes I would like it back. I miss some of the banter and enjoyed a couple peoples posts. Plus once I found out that when you deactivate your account Facebook actually suggests to your “friends” to delete you all together, I’m curious so see who’s got rid of me for good. It’s just a lot of drama though.

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