DIY Gardening Tips

Ever since I went to Lowes the other day and saw all of the beautiful flowers I can’t stop thinking about them. I’m so excited about the weather right now. If your from VA, you know the fact that it’s not sleeting or freezing is amaazing. I wish I had the money to buy lots of plants! Sadly, I’m a poor broke college student. So for those of us that are struggling and can’t afford bloomed flowers or veggies…just go the seed route! THE CHEAP WAY

I encourage you to check out growindie’s blog on Wordpress !

Here are a few of her ideas

green house

Make a Mini Greenhouse out of a plastic Eggland’s egg carton!


Or a Mini Biodegradable Pot out of Newspaper! How cool is that!

There are many other ideas that I am saving on her website  growindie here



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