Chinese Sky Lantern


For those of you who have seen “Tangled” you know the awesome scene with the sky lanterns!! Who wouldn’t love to be in this scene! I’ve always wondered about where one would get these lanterns. I found a website tonight that sells them! It’s called SkyLantern and can be found here . These lanterns are plastic-free biodegradable and ascend  for up to 15 minutes before extinguishing. And just so you do not worry about catching a forest on fire during your lanterns descent (like I was!) , these lanterns are fire resistant and fall to earth after flame has extinguished. They come in white, different colors, or have images on them like the one below.


I would love to get the one above (which is $5 off website) to release in memory of someone who has passed away.  It’s awesome that they provide marker and a place to put the person’s name (or other messages) on the lantern.

Groupon currently has a deal on these here which is $25 for $50 worth of Chinese Lanterns. If link does not take you to the add it may be because they are sold out or you are not a member of the site. I would totally recommend becoming a member because they have so many awesome deals! I never thought I would purchase coupons but it has saved me so much money! So far I’ve bought a coupon for a tattoo and for a chiropractic exam. Both were honoured.


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