My Heart Goes Out To Boston

Today has been a tragic day for Boston, Massachusetts and for America.


Two bombs went off near the finish line of the Boston marathon. The news is reporting that 2 have died, 50 have been injured, and 100 people were treated by a hospital. One person described the scene near where the bomb went off as a war zone. Peoples limbs were amputated and many were critically injured. The amount of people who are traumatized is probably too many to count.

boston 2

Thank you to the police, military, medics, firemen, and all of the volunteers who helped guide people out of the area and save their lives. It makes me feel proud to be an American when I see people working together to help others. There are runners who ran past the finish line, straight to the hospital, to donate blood to those in need.  The hospital is reporting that there is currently enough blood to meet demand. Also, there is a man who was just interviewed stating that he carried a man who had just had both of his limbs blown off.

 Please say a prayer and/or send your thoughts to Boston.  When tragedies like this happen it reminds us how short and precious life is.


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