Weight Loss Update

My weight this morning read 194.6  ! I never thought I would be excited about this number! At the beginning of this month I was about 200 pounds so I am proud of myself for sticking with the Elliptical every day or walking with my friends. I’m telling you that when you walk with friends it makes exercising much more enjoyable. Especially when you bring up a topic like homosexuality and people’s views. That particular walk FLEW by as we were all sharing different perspectives haha!

friends walk

I need to work on my drinking water. I’ve kind of failed in doing that the past few days. I do drink water, but I have not been tracking it like I should. Please note: I do NOT count my calories nor track my food. I am learning to eat healthy and am also working on forgiving myself for the times that I don’t. For me, tracking my food holds me accountable and when I fail (do too many calories..eat too much) it just makes me feel like I’ve bombed an important test. I need to track my water though because it’s really healthy for the body to get 8 cups a day. It’s easy to veer off and do like 2-4 if we include other drinks we may be having. Also, nothing against flavored water (I often drink it!) but I prefer to have several good cups of water with 0 sweeteners involved.


Anyway, I just need motivation personally and tracking, recording, dieting,etc does not do it for me. If it works for you then by all means go for it!! I learned in my Stress Management class that we need to tailor our workout programs to fit our lifestyles. What that means is that what worked for that woman who dropped 50 pounds on the weight watchers program may not work for YOU.  Anything that makes you miserable & frustrated is not a lifestyle in my opinion. What I have learned about weight loss and being healthy is that you REALLY have to want it. You must be willing to:




deal with some discomfort

more than you ever have in your entire life.


But at the same time tell yourself this will pass. That you are strong and WILL get through this. Don’t give up ❤


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