A New Method of Controlling Your Weight: Therapeutic Hunger

This looks fascinating!! I am PRO anything involving health that incorporates healthy food that is easy to digest. Will be looking into this book!

Alyce Vayle Author

Are you struggling with food issues?

Do you feel that food controls you?

Are you overweight and find that no diets seem to work?

Therapeutic Hunger is a method of mindful eating that allows you to understand your digestion and to eat more or less, based on your own body’s needs.

There’s no need to count calories, to suffer with strict eating plans and to feel like food is your master.

The Therapeutic Hunger program teaches you how to choose the best foods for your body to digest, while supporting your journey with simple exercises to help you breathe well and feel well.

In this simple guide, we will cover training and the breathing process, how to adopt the right posture and generate spinal health for over all wellbeing.

Some simple meditation tips are given and some abdominal breathing techniques and pelvic floor exercises.

If you suffer from…

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