Wednesday Weight Loss Journal

Sorry this is late! It’s going to be super short because I am exhausted. Between working, walking, and doing exams I feel like I could collapse! Unfortunately, I did not lose weight this week 😦 I weight and was 196.2 this morning which means I gained a few pounds. I am also getting ready to have that monthly thing that we women are cursed with so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. I tend to binge on not only food but MILK right before I get it! Anyone else? I’m thinking maybe I need to take some iron pills the week before to see if that helps? All I know is I am craving something in milk because it happens every month. I’m considering buying a cow to save a bit of money hahahah This is totally random but I just looked up tax break if you own a cow and I came up with this hilarious article….

America’s Dumbest Tax Loophole: The Florida Rent-a-Cow Scam

Ok back on topic! I have been keeping up with the elliptical and walking though. I’ve done both in the same day before but tonight I just did walking. I feel sure we walked at least 2 miles in a neighborhood by the beach. It was good conversation and fun walking with friends. They had their babies and I had my chihuahua baby (Daisy).  We seriously looked like a parade of strollers or traveling circus since the dog was included!

I found some interesting information on Pinterest about Blueberries that I wanted to share with you all. I did not realize that they were packed with FIBER. This means blueberries can help keep us full! 🙂 Also, a cup of blueberries is 80 calories.  That’s a good size for a serving size.  Beats a little prepackaged packet of crackers. How many crackers do you get in those damn things…like 8 ?!  Check out these cool facts:


I leave you with these words ❤



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