Color Vibe and Color Me Rad 5 k

I’m considering walking my first 5 K! The Color Vibe is a run/walk that will be here in Chespapeake, VA on July 20th. It gives me plenty of time to work up to walking 3 miles. As much as I would love to run it, I know better than pushing my body that hard.  I always seem to get injured when I try to run…even if it’s just short distances. It could be because I just weigh to much at this point to run. I need to research this! Check back on Wednesdays for my Weight Loss Journal. I will try to put some information on running in the upcoming one.  Also, if you would like to check and see if the Color Vibe will be in your area go >>>> here

color vibe

A very similar race is called Color Me Rad . This website is worth checking out as well to see if it is coming to your area! I believe both entry fees are around 40 dollars per person. I know that sounds high but in the long run I think it’s worth it for the motivation you have in the months before the actual run and then the atmosphere at the run when colors are everywhere!!  Color Me Rad can be found >>>>>here

color me rad


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