When it rains I feel……


My small vent for today is that I went to get with my girls to walk and it rained. 😦 We still walked despite the “mist” and hardly being able to look out of our eyes.  When I arrived there I had what was almost a completely flat tire. After walking, AAA  is called because my car for some reason did not come with a car jack and towing kit (OF COURSE) . It takes the guy  an hour if not more to get there and the AAA guy doesn’t arrive with or have  knowledge that we even needed a car jack. He was not friendly and didn’t want to be bothered with calling his shop to find one.  Later he was reported for the awful experience. Air is put into my tires and my husband follows me home. Deciding I have a few bucks in my account we go to Subway. After making our sandwiches my card does not go through. F*&%  !!! My awesome husband puts it on his card thank God.

I swear…..when it rains, it pours.

On the bright side, I got on the elliptical tonight. I’ve upped it 5 minutes so now I do it for 25 minutes straight. It does not sound like much but I have to move up slowly. My husband asked if I had lost weight tonight 🙂


One thought on “When it rains I feel……

  1. Oh this sounds like my typical day, no kidding. When Josh and I got to Southern Illinois (vacation) last week, on day 1- we were held up at Walmart in “the neverending line” and I had to swap out the ice cream AGAIN just waiting, so…finally after getting to our car, with the ice cream and our dog, Chance, yapping away- the car wouldn’t start. Nice.

    My AAA had expired and my new Geico insurance wouldn’t start until the following month. (I switched over because Geico offers Unlimited Roadside Service 24/7 for only $13 per year. See ya AAA!)

    I cried, he cussed, we screamed- he threw the keys across the parking lot- I prayed, I cussed- (and in that order) and finally… after Josh partially deconstructed the machinery under the hood and in a miraculous feat of spontaneous teamwork- it started. He immediately became my hero and then I sent him back in (while I kept the car idling) to swap out our ice cream for the 3rd time and we drove off and lived happily ever after.

    Ok- it’s all true except for that “happily ever after” bit. We actually found a large tortoise lying in the road and added him to our strange collection of travelling oddities and packed him around with us for the next two days. He died on day 4. (Sigh.)

    Some people have bad days (and bad experiences) here and there and there are others who perpetually stand under the only cloud that’s barfing out rain. Welcome to the club. 🙂

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