Depression Clubhouse


Hello Friends ❤

I just wanted to let you know that I have  started a new blog. NOT to replace this one but to compliment it.  I know I’ve talked about in the past making a separate blog so that I could focus on less topics at MuffinsandMocha. I have a lot of DIY, recipes, and health posts on here. What seems a bit out-of-place for me on this page is all of the darker posts I tend to put up from time to time.  As many of you know, I struggle from ongoing depression, post traumatic stress disorder, and body dimorphic disorder.  I’ve decided to dedicate a page completely to these darker posts so that people who are going through similar things can get connected to others.  I’m convinced that feeling alone is the worst feeling a person can encounter.  I would like to help put an end, even if it’s just in a small way, to this problem.

The blog is called Depression Clubhouse. The blogs name is explained on the “Joining” page>>> here . It’s not going to be for everyone because the page will never be really light, fun, or positive like this page is.  If you enjoy or find comfort in my posts about depression (and don’t want to scroll through lots of other stuff to find it) then I encourage you to follow me. If not, please stay with me on this page because it’s not going anywhere! The majority of my energy will continue to be put into MuffinsandMocha but for those days that are very dark… I will return to the Depression Clubhouse to get away from the world for a moment.


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