Etsy Feature Update

Thank you to the MASSIVE response I got to that post. I was truly shocked. I believe I had around 50 entries wanting to be featured~ ! I loved the energy from the Etsy forum and getting to view all of the shops. ❤ I saw some beautiful jewelry, scarfs, blankets, baby decorations, art, antiques, and much more! Originally, I was just going to feature three shops. However, after further consideration I decided to feature 6 shops in my post.  The 6 shops chosen have been emailed a set of questions to answer for the post. It will be posted once everyone’s answers are in. If you were not contacted, please know how much I appreciate you allowing me to view your shop. There were several shops that I added to “my favorites” that I am going to consider doing an additional feature in the future for.

Etsy 2

Just so everyone knows, I did get a chance to visit ALL shops who entered today.  Therefore, everyone got a fair chance.

Anyone and everyone who owns an etsy shop, has creative ideas, and goes for a career that makes them happy- I just want you to know how much I admire your passion! Even if you are not making a lot (or any) money yet, do not give up. I’ve always found the quote “things get worse before they get better” to be the words of truth.


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