Got an Etsy Business? POST!

Hello Friends!

Hope the weather is nice where you are like it is here in Virginia today! ❤ I was thinking the other day that I would like to feature 3 people who have an Etsy store.  I’m interested about people who create their own products, how they started up their business, what motivates them, and advice they would give those wanting to do something similar.


If you have a business that you would like to be featured on my page please post below about it and your email address.  If I choose your product, I will email you a small list of interview questions and post (if you desire) picture(s) of product (s) you sell. I cannot guarantee that this will bring you business but I can say that any type of social media is productive to drawing customers to your website.

All of the features will be together on ONE post. Almost like a blog party 🙂 If I get several responses then I may consider doing more than 3 features.  This is completely FREE. I just enjoy appreciating extremely creative people and learning about how entrepreneurs started their business. I’ve toyed with the idea of selling photography on Etsy on the side. I am hoping this will give me some insight on how it’s done! 🙂

The three people I choose will be picked by myself in no particular order.  I will review ALL posts and put up 3 features that I personally find unique and contrasting from each other. ❤


36 thoughts on “Got an Etsy Business? POST!

  1. Hi, I saw your post in the Etsy forums and wasn’t sure if you wanted to us to reply here or there so I did both. I would love to be featured! You have a great blog–I have added it to my favorites list! Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi! I have an Etsy shop called Baby Bunny Creations. I sell mainly crocheted items such as blankets, sun hats, a photo prop bonnets. I just started working on headbands so I don’t have many posted yet. It’s all defintetly a work in progress, but it’s such a joy doing what you love.

    1. How cute!!! That must be so fun to make baby shoes ❤ I will check everyones things over the next few days and contact who I decide on. Best of luck to you and thank you for participating. And for the compliment on the blog name!

  3. Hello! I’m revamping my shop with outdoor pictures and would love some bloggy attention. I know you’re getting flooded with requests right now, so maybe this can be the start of some long-term blog planning or collaborations?

    Have a great day!

    1. Hey Celeste! haha yes I am definitely getting flooded with requests but it’s good! I love the energy and how excited people are about being feautured 🙂 I will definitely be taking a look ! THANKS SO MUCH!

    1. The name of your shop is fantastic! LOVE IT! Appreciate you entering and being willing! I will take a look! It may take me a bit of time because I have a lot of entries but I will defintely have a wonderful variety to choose from ❤

  4. Hey there! What a cute blog and I love the name of it as well. I have been wanting to be featured in a blog since I opened my Etsy store just over a month ago. I have been selling my jewelry organizers off Etsy since the beginning of the year and women have been loving the idea and said that they have seen nothing like it before. My organizers are hand painted with acrylic paints and spray paint. They can be custom made to fit people’s home decor aesthetic as well. Just recently I sold one to a woman who was going to use it in her nursery above the changing table. I can see these being used in craft rooms as well, so many possibilities. I hope you like what you see! 🙂

  5. I saw your post in the Etsy forums and thought I’d give this a try. My shop, BloomingOak, recently opened in January 2013 so I’m a fairly new seller (handcrafted jewelry) still learning and applying my many years of business experience to this new endeavor. I’d love to be featured here! Thanks for doing this!

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