Attention Loyal Followers: Compliments Page

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have just created a page for “Compliments.” It’s located >>> here .If you have a positive statement that you would like to share about my webpage please email me at or post below. Please provide a link to your webpage as well. I’ve had many people tell me great things about my webpage but have never thought to add a page where I can have a collection of compliments. It’s always nice to hear and/or read over them because it keeps me motivated. Thank you to EVERYONE who has made this blog worth coming to every day.  A special shout out to the followers who not only visit but take the time to comment, ask questions, and participate in any blog events I’ve had. ❤

Please understand that by contacting me or posting below, you are agreeing to have your statement published on my webpage.  I retain the right to publish a portion of your comment if I choose to do so. However, I will never add words or change any part of your statement around. The compliments which are posted are decided upon by myself.  Statements like “I love your webpage.”  are wonderful but a little short and non descriptive for what I’m looking for. If you enjoy coming here, feel motivated, or whatever other reason please express to me why you feel that way! I encourage you to add anything you would like too.

Clicking on the STARS or LIKE button on the compliments page is greatly helpful as well!

Many thanks in advance for the endless support.



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