Etsy Feature #1

Originally, I was going to be doing all of these features on ONE post. However, it would be difficult to read because the post would be so long. 🙂 I have seven people in all that I have decided on.  I judged for creativity, uniqueness, talent, beauty, and my own personal interest. ❤ Again, thank you for everyone who participated  (50 plus people).  It was really hard choosing just 7 shops. As you may notice, this number grew from 3 to 7! I could not just choose 3 ! Impossible!

The 1st shop I would like to introduce you to is The Realm Collectibles . The shop owner is Rachael Magnuson from Austin, Minnesota.  When I was looking through shops that entered this one caught my eye because of what I call an “Old Fashioned Telephone.”  The actual name is “Antique Western Electric Ringer Box and Kellogg 1908 Candlestick Telephone.  This telephone transports you back in time, making you feel as if you were in an old movie! There are many other beautiful antiques on her page that I encourage you to check out . Below is an interview with Rachel about her shop, advice, and motivations.

Old Phone

When did your shop open:
September 19th, 2012

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:
The Realm Collectibles came to me in a dream, and it reflects the inner geek / nerd in myself and my husband. We are HUGE fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Gaming (Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, Magic the Gathering). The Realm Collectibles was chosen because when we first started selling online, we sold Magic the Gathering on Ebay.

What do you sell:
Vintage and Antique Items of all kinds: Depression Glass, Toys, Elegant Glassware, Kitchen Items, Place Settings. We’d love to sell more toys and collectibles, but we are limited to what we can find in abundance here in the midwest.

What item is your best seller:
Avon Cape Cod Glassware

What inspired you to start selling:
We have always been collectors vintage toys and unique items. We decided to start selling vintage for a living once the economy went south and my husbands work hours got cut severely. There was also quite a bit of inspiration from the TV Show American Pickers.

What motivates you:
Our 4 beautiful children. We work hard every day to put food on the table and give them the things they need…and sometimes the things they want too!

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
Pictures are key!!! Good pictures are very important when selling online. You need capture the essence of the item and photograph it well. The saying “A picture is worth 1000 words” is the honest truth!

Titles, description, and tags are also VERY important. You want to accurately describe the item so customers know 100% what to expect. Smart tags and titles allow your items to be found here on Etsy, and elsewhere on the web.


3 thoughts on “Etsy Feature #1

  1. I missed out on your call for submissions so I’ll have to watch for the next one 😉
    thank you for doing this – it’s nice to have a referral to a site that someone else likes vs. needle and haystacking it!

  2. I will definitely be doing it again!!! ❤ I would love for you to participate next time! I had so many people enter to participate it was a bit overwhelming lol but in a good way 🙂 I found a lot of cool shops. What is your shop out of curiosity? I'm all about adding cool shops to my favs!

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