Getting back into Photography

Tropical Daisy 2013

Tropical Daisy ❤

Hello Friends!

I’m realizing that I need to return to my photography roots. I’ve really missed taking pictures and have used every excuse in the book to not pursue it.  Isn’t it crazy how we tend to run or make excuses about things we love? Anyway, today a few things happened. I went to Walmart and purchased a new charger for my Panasonic digital camera (not a DSLR sadly),  purchased an SD card uploader, got a notebook to keep track of expenses and tips, and went to GoDaddy and purchased a name for my potential business/hobby.  I mainly wanted to get it because was having a 97 cent sale on all .com domain names earlier today. If you want to check they may still be having it! Also, I didn’t want anyone to take the name.  I’m not ready to share it because it’s not even a website yet but it’s something I’m going to work on building up over time. I’ve also been looking at pre made logos (because their cheaper) on Etsy to potentially use. There are a lot of good ones. If you are looking for a logo within the price ranges of $10-$25 check out and type in “logos” or “photography logos.”  You will get tons and tons of options. There are also people who make original one of a kind (OOAK) logos. Be prepared though to pay between $100-$400.  Before buying ANYTHING always check people’s feedback.

I keep telling myself I’m not very good at taking pictures. I have a good friend that REALLY takes good pictures.  She has that natural talent and vision that makes you stop and go “wow.”  She knows who she is and that I ❤ love her & her work greatly.   However, after thinking about it the past week or so I’ve realized that everyone has a different vision.  I will never take pictures like her, or other people, because I’m not them. I see the world differently.  After reviewing Etsy and the things that are sold on there, I feel much more confident about my potential photography skills ! 😉

So happy it’s Friday!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend! Please stay tuned for Etsy Feature #3 tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Getting back into Photography

  1. Hey, seriously, you already have the makings to be a GREAT photographer. You need to shoot, shoot, shoot! Over time, you won’t have to even try to develop a style, your style will develop YOU. 😉 When I first started out (10 years ago), I went out at 2 and 3 a.m., creeping around back alleys. I only had a point and shoot- but I didn’t let that stop me from learning slow shutter (long exposures/ night photography), and I used myself as my model (for portraits) because I had none. I began using the window for my lighting and to this day, window lighting is still my favourite. I’ve been careful to always use natural lighting (never a flash)- flashes are “ok” but you can’t get that “painted light” look that you can with natural lighting.

    It took years to learn how to compose a shot that actually “said something”.
    When I shoot, I stand very still and “listen”. Every scene tells a story- you have to hear what it’s saying. You become the storyteller with the camera. 🙂 Your composition, lighting, and exposure become the words. By changing just the lighting, you can change the scene from a happy one to a dramatic, intense one.

    I hope to encourage you to tackle your roots and get back into it! There are so many “stories” waiting to be told, and many by only you. You’re right- everybody has a different vision and nobody else has YOURS. Share that. XO

    1. Hey Birgitta!

      thank you for that awesome comment ❤ I really admire your work and how much time you have spent perfecting it.Do you think I might really have something with Photography if I pursue it? Honestly, not just as a friend but as a photographer yourself? I know some people have dreams and desires but unforunately their talent does not fit those. For instance, not everyone can be a singer. I can say I want to become the next Britney Spears until the cows come home and then go back out again hahahah. Just trying to figure out if this is really something I should look into going after. I love that you went out at 2 am to creep around back alleys hahaha ! No wonder you have an appreciation for black and white photos! Window lighting actually sounds beautiful. I agree with you about the flash too. Pictures turn out much better when the flash is not used! I need to learn how to hold the camera more still because without flash sometimes my pictures come out blurry. I've been editing with picmonkey recently and really like a lot of their features. However, do you think it's worth it to upgrade to have access to the other ones? I believe it's $30 a year?

      It's nice to know that it took you years to compose a shot that "said something." I get frustrated when in my mind I have an idea of what I want the shot to say…but when I upload it all that is basically said is "why the hell did you take a picture of that." I often feel defeated because I look at my work and then I look at other peoples work. It's like CRAP lol. Did you have those days in the beginning? Your tip on listening and trying to figure out what the scene is trying to tell you will *always* stay with me. Thank you for that, for being there, and for all your advice. I will cherish it and continue to use it. ❤

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