Etsy Feature #3

Today I am featuring the Chocolate Dog Studio by Karen from Oklahoma! It’s hard to not smile when you read the name of her shop 🙂 I thought her coffee cozies were unique and really cute! They come in all different types of prints and colors too.  I’ve seen the crochet kind before but never the fabric ones.  The images/designs on the fabric cater to many different seasons as well as personality types. All of Karen’s items are created out of upcycled & vintage fabrics. I encourage you to take a look at the Chocolate Dog Studio!  I could really use a few of these for my coffee mugs! Below is a picture of one of her crochet blankets and a short interview.


When did your shop open:
It opened in the fall of 2008.

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name:
When I opened the shop I wasn’t sure what I would sell and I was worried about having a name that was tied to a specific product. So, Chocolate Dog Studio is the name of my shop. I named it after my chocolate labrador. He is a rescue dog and a real sweetie pie. I do get a lot of questions about whether I sell dog toys or chocolate!

What do you sell:

I sell hand crocheted blankets, baby blankets and scarves with a retro modern twist. I also sell cup cozies, coffee press cozies and pencil bags.

What item is your best seller:

The Doctor Who coffee cozies are my best seller. My other best seller would be custom orders.

What inspired you to start selling:

There is a limit on how many crochet blankets a family can own. I originally opened my shop to sell original artwork. The shop has had several different products through the years.

What motivates you:

New ideas, fabrics, and yarns all keep me motivated and excited about new items in my shop. I love to create new product lines. I have been branching out with new products this Spring.

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:

There is no substitute for excellent customer service and communication. Always keep your customer informed, every step of the way.

Other information you would like to add about your shop if any:
You can find ChocolateDogStudio online here:


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