Etsy Feature #4

Good Morning ! Today is Etsy Feature #4 ❤ This one is for the women who love all natural lip gloss and body products.  Angel & Mike from California are owners of the store Reveille Reveille. Please read their interview below to find out what these words mean! What stood out to me about their products is that they have an eye-catching logo and unique flavors for their products. A few of these examples are: Chai Tea, Chocolate Bacon, and Vanilla Buttercream.  Herbal Bath Tea and Whipped Body Butter is also among their variety of products offered in the store. I encourage you to check them Reveille Reveille out!  A picture and short interview about the shop, it’s name, and tips on starting an Etsy business are below.

ATTENTION FRIENDS: Reveille Reveille has graciously offered all of my followers a 10% off Discount Code! Discount Code: MUFFINMOCHA

Thanks Reveille Reveille!

lip gloss

When did your shop open:
March 19th 2013, the day after our 5 year anniversary ^_^  we were trying to open it on our anniversary as a way to celebrate, but according to Etsy time it was the next day already, so now we celebrate 4 days – Mike’s birthday is the 16th, St. Patty’s Day is the 17th, our anniversary is the 18th, and the day we opened shop – the 19th!

What is the name of your shop AND the story behind the name: The name of our shop is Reveille Reveille (Rev-UH-Lee Rev-UH-Lee) which means Wake up! Wake up! in French, however in the Navy, Reveille is a wake up call early in the morning to motivate the sailors to get out of racks. We choose the name because it is Navy themed, in which we have many wonderful memories and it is also where we met each other : ) Basically what we wanted was to have a name that reflect us as a couple and Reveille Reveille was perfect!

What do you sell:
We sell handcrafted bath and body products made with natural ingredients, such as whipped sugar scrub, whipped body butter, solid lotion bars, bubbling bath bombs, and lip balm.

What item is your best seller:
By far, it is the lip balm – especially the Juicy Watermelon flavor.

What inspired you to start selling:
We wanted to share our love of coconut oil with everyone, so we decided to start a shop selling some products that contained coconut oil, the ideas started flowing once we figured out our starter ingredient.

What motivates you:
Our family, they kept telling us we could do it and we finally took the leap and went for it. They get just as excited as we do when anything new happens with the shop.

Any advice that you have for new sellers on Etsy:
Join teams!! Join all kinds of teams and get a wide spectrum of people to bounce ideas off of and play promotional games with. It is lots of fun, you meet some awesome people, it makes the days go by faster, AND they help promote your shop!


7 thoughts on “Etsy Feature #4

  1. Great shop! I checked ’em out. (You should link them up here-easier to find them.)

    I think you’re awesome for always promoting others, M&M. YOU ROCK. 🙂

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