Random Photos I Took Today <3

Beach Duck Signed

Ocean View Duck

Ocean View Magnolia Signed

Ocean View Magnolia

Tree Roots Signed


Ocean View Leaves Signed

Beautiful Leaves


7 thoughts on “Random Photos I Took Today <3

    1. THANKS! your photography is teaching me to look at things in a whole new way ❤ Sethsnap's pictures have also really helped me with this as well. Instead of searching for a picture I'm going to let a picture find me.

  1. Good- so glad that I’m able to help you! I think the journey is about seeing things in a new way. You already have a raw talent for sharing stories and such. Now let the “scene” share its story with you. I would encourage you to go out to abandoned buildings sometimes too. There’s such a mood in those places. I have a thing for abandoned farmhouses but really, you can take anything in the world and give it a “voice” through your photos. For me, that’s the challenge. I’m looking forward to all of the things you’ll be doing over the years in your photography. I’m off to grill some chicken! Have a great night. 🙂

  2. thanks for tips! hahah yeah her boyfriend was also in the pic but unfortunately he did not come out in focus so he had to be cropped lol. Poor duck. what are you doing grilling chicken at 10 30 at night crazy lady hahah your a night eater like me huh? im devouring a cocunut popsicle momentarily~~!

  3. thank you Amy! this photography thing is a new endeavor. I’ve always loved taking pictures but have never reallyg one so far as to edit them to this extend or truly consider going somewhere with it. I’m rethinking this idea now. I do not think photography could be my main job but if it’s something that makes me happy then I would love to incorporate it more into my life and/or make it a part time job!! Unless I get picked up by the National Geographic magazine and paid to feature wildlife on the front cover hahahah in this case I will consider making the full time switch!

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