Features Page & Update

Hello! Hope everyone is having a nice night ❤

For some reason I am wide awake.  Think of an owl after they have had a cup of coffee. 🙂

owl 2

 Anyway, I wanted to let yall know I have added a FEATURES page to my account. All of the shops, businesses, or people I promote will be located here. That way, if you see something you would like to return to you can easily do so now by just clicking on that page for a list! I hope this helps and is convenient for everyone. I just have to say one more time how much I enjoyed doing those Etsy features! I’m looking forward to doing something like that again in the near future.

My courses for my final semester at my community college have begun. 3 more classes left. I’m taking Critical Thinking, Abnormal Psychology, and Western Civ. For those who think this class load looks easy let me please remind you that I have taken and lived to tell: Statistics, 2 Sciences with Labs, a computer class, several English classes, Western Civ part 1, amongst many others. I am still a bit insecure with the exact direction I’m going in. I know that I would really get a lot out of helping people who have been through trauma in a counselor type setting. I just applied last night to Columbia College. It’s an online college that has excellent tuition prices. Because it’s “private” there is a one price fits everyone kind of thing. The only difference is online is a bit more expensive than in person. However, when you are going for a Bachelor’s degree and online classes are the price of in state classes it’s definitely something to consider!!!! They offer a bachelors of Human Services which I’m very interested in doing. We will see what happens. I originally applied to UCF (University of Central Florida) but after a lot of stress and phone calls they still have not received all my transcripts. Their out-of-state prices are unbelievable too. I think it’s like $700 per credit hour or something extremely high.  Money is really not everything.  Getting a good education, in my opinion, is the most important thing a person can do for themselves.  Technically, if you start and run your own successful business that is wonderful!! However, being a daughter of someone who did something similar with no degree to fall back on… I personally have decided to take a different road. Having a stay at home business would be awesome but at the same time, I just want to make sure as a plan B that I have other options.

For anyone interested in checking out Columbia College and their tuition click here . They have several campuses in different states. I know they will have one in Orlando so if I move close to there I will just take classes at the school.


I will end this with saying that my heart goes out to Oklahoma tonight. There are children who do not get to be tucked into bed and dropped off at school tomorrow. I’m a Christian though and believe that they are being surrounded by love right now as are the others who died from the F5 tornado that hit the elementary school.  Hug your Husband’s tonight. There was a mans body that was found today. He was seperated from his wife while trying to escape from the tornado that was 2 miles wide I believe they said. Whenever we have a bad day we must look around us and remember what we DO have. If your reading this, you have your LIFE tonight.


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