Exciting News

Okay, so today I thought several positive thoughts. I must record them because this is such a rare thing to have and think a variety of uplifting things in one day lol.

1. I am “officially” admitted to Columbia College!

2. I received a letter today stating that I’ve maintained my President’s List status

3. I FINALLY got Amy Cho’s book Blog, Inc. If your reading this blog, THAT book is the reason this page is here.

4. Tomorrow I will be in Florida territory. Palm Trees. Warm Weather. Beach. Heaven.

5. My chihuahua Daisy got a bath tonight.  (You wouldn’t think it would be that difficult to find time to soap up and rinse a tiny dog but it is)

6. A great blogger and friend, Birgitta, took time out of her day (and studying) to make a  post about photography specifically dedicated to helping me understand how to use a camera. Check her out at www.monochromejunkie.com. I’m kind of obsessed with her work. She also believes in me and inspires me greatly.

7. I got my camera charger in the mail today so I can bring my camera with me to FL to take pictures!

8. I also received in the mail a beautiful necklace from one of my shops I featured on Etsy. I will not list which one because I don’t want people emailing her for free gifts in return for features. This person though allowed me to choose something out of their shop from the kindness of their heart as a thank you. ❤ She knows who she is. It meant a lot to me!!!!

9.I put in my 3 week notice to my job a day ago.  I feel a huge sense of relief. I’ve loved the family I have been with and completely wish them all the best. They have an adorably sweet boy I’ve taken care of for many months. I just know it’s time to move on with my career, location, and step away from childcare. My hearts going in a different direction and I need to follow it.

10. My courses have started! As stressful as they feel I have THREE more until I get my Associates Degree.

Ok, that’s the good news I thought of for tonight!! wow I have 10 things hahah ! Hope everyone is having a nice night. Hopefully, I can post while in FL but if I post less please know that later next week the posts will return.


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