More Photos !

I’ve had a wonderfully relaxing time in Florida! The beaches are beautiful here ❤ I really do NOT want to leave tomorrow! It’s nice to know though that this is not just a “vacation.” That I will be living here sooner than later. Life is too short to live somewhere that you are miserable (like in my case VA!).  I’m just a very beachy person. Nick, his family, and I went to a small beach cafe yesterday morning. I got a chicken salad sandwich that was amazing!! We then walked to the beach. I went in one of the touristy shops and bought a “salt life” & “my dog is my bff” bumper sticker for my truck. I really can’t move here fast enough.

Hope all of my friends are doing really great!!! I wanted to throw out there again that I am starting to get serious about my photography. If you ever see a picture that you would like to purchase please let me know. I do not have an official shop yet but hope to soon. Until then, just email me at with “photograph” in the subject line. I will sign and date all my photos 🙂 ❤


life guard stand signed

BarBQ Signed

beach rock signed

peir without hearts signed

sea grass signed

2 thoughts on “More Photos !

  1. Good eye, Jen. 🙂 You should get Irfanview- it’s a free pic reader that’s simple to use. It allows you to read the EXIF data in your pics (which is the embedded specifications: camera settings, shutter speed used, focal length, etc.) Also, right now your pics are set at 1584 x 2149. This allows people to easily “rip” your photos because it’s a large file. You should shrink your pics down to a smaller resolution (such as 600 x 800 or something along those lines) so if anybody tries to rip ’em- it won’t do much good. And I’m so jealous that you’re moving to Florida!

  2. Thanks Birgitta! I’ve had a lot of fun taking pictures here. Everything is so bright and lively looking. Great idea about sizing down pics. I moved watermark from bottom to middle because I was worried someone could just crop it out kwim? Appreciate you telling me to sign my pics. It makes it look more professional too ❤

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