Too Much Summer Vacation

So I’m procrastinating my Western Civ power points momentarily. Can anyone honestly blame me? You know that awful feeling you used to get as a kid when the doctor stuck the tongue depressor on your tongue? That is how History feels to me!! It makes me want to GAG.

Moving on, so sorry I have not blogged in several days. This vacation has become too much vacation in a matter of days.  We were supposed to be in Florida like 5 days so that my husband could take his test. However, the testing has ended up lasting longer than we had thought. Part 2 of his test will be in a matter of days so there was no point to drive back to VA. Don’t get me wrong, I love Florida. My husband’s family has actually been really nice to us with giving us a place to stay and food to eat. COMPLETELY BROKE = US. Thank god for sandwiches right!

The upside is that I’ve taken a lot of great photos since being here. There is nothing like vacationing near the water. I know some people swear by the mountains being the best but I must object. It’s OCEAN 100 %  for me ❤ I got to visit Blufton, SC where my grandparents vacation a few days ago. If you have never been to Blufton, SC I hope that at some point in your life you get to go! It’s a small, cute, country beach town.  You can take your boat out, walk to the little beach, or just look through the art/antique shops.  My husband put in an application there just to see what happens.  It’s always good to keep your options open! While in Blufton I got to go tubing for the first time. SO much fun but I learned that I had nooo upper body strength. If you go tubing just know that getting into the tube from the boat is MUCH easier than pulling yourself back up on it from the ocean. Or you can do what I did and add a twist to it. I am not kidding this actually happened: I jump onto the tube from the boat first (it’s a double seater). So thankful I did not turn the tube over I start getting myself situated. All I remember is my husband saying here I go, there being a large thump on the float, and me flying up into the air. I had a life jacket on thank goodness (because I can hardly swim) but landed face first in the water. My entire body actually went under the water, life-preserver and all!! hahahahahah Talk about getting some water up your ears! Also thankful he was my husband and not a first date type of situation 🙂

Sorry for not doing a Wednesday Weight Loss blog 😦 things have been hectic with traveling! I will this upcoming week. I’m proud of myself because I’ve been trying really hard to eat well, go on walks, and tonight I did the bicycle here for 30 minutes.  My chihuahua can walk a good 1.5 miles now without being carried ❤ Things are moving in the right direction!

Hope everyone is well. Post more photos soon. Thanks for hanging in there with me!!



2 thoughts on “Too Much Summer Vacation

  1. Love SC and like you, I love the ocean vacations most of all! Miss Myrtle Beach sometimes – it’s the only bad thing about AZ – there’s not waterfront lush ocean to view! And trying to stay on a weight loss plan with their southern cooking is impossible. Everything is fried! Stay healthy, walk along the beach! Blessings, Ellie

  2. Hey Ellie! thank you for stopping by! Yes, Myrtle Beach is wonderful ❤ I 've been there once. I'm from more of the Charleston area though. I really miss being so near the ocean and within 10 mins from the beach! I'm sure AZ is nice too ! Southern Food is SUCH comfort food. I REALLY wish it was good for me as well lol. Come back soon!

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